Food the most precious thing given by God to us…So please don’t waste it

We have our food Menus as ;

Alleppey Boating Package's Standard Menu

Welcome Drink
Tender Coconut Juice or Fresh Juice

Best Houseboats In Kumarakom


Houseboat Rates In Kumarakom


Houseboat Rates In Kumarakom

Mixed Veg Thoran

Houseboat Rates In Kumarakom

Fish Fry (pearl spot)

Houseboat Rates In Kumarakom


Houseboat Rates In Kumarakom


Houseboats In Kumarakom

Banana Kalan

Houseboats In Kumarakom


Houseboats In Kumarakom


Houseboats In Kumarakom

Green Salad

Evening Snacks

Houseboats In Kumarakom

Tea or Coffee

Houseboats In Kumarakom

Banana fritters or Veg pakoras


Houseboats In Kumarakom


kumarakom houseboat rates

White Rice

kumarakom houseboat rates

Chicken roast (or paneer masala)

kumarakom houseboat rates

Dal Fry

kumarakom houseboat rates


Breakfast (Choose any of the following)

kumarakom houseboat rates

Tea or Coffee

Kerala Houseboat


kumarakom houseboat

Puttu with Kadala Curry (chana)

Ac between 9pm- 6am
All meals onboard
Basic category Houseboats
Price starts from Rs 6500 for 1 bedroom
Full-time AC in the room only
All Meals Onboard
Standard Category
Price Start from Rs 8500 for 1 bedroom houseboat
Full time AC 
All Meals Onboard
Luxury Category
Price Starts   from Rs 10000 for 1 bedroom houseboat
Interior is high quality
Fully glass covered
2 Non-veg for lunch and the dinner

Addon Food Options Available

Chicken 65

Duck Curry with Coconut Milk( Kuttanad Style)

Mutton Curry

Prawns Roast


Crab Roast

Kingfish in banana Leaf

Pomfret (Black/White)

Kerala Fish Curry

Clam Stir fry (Kakka)

Tapioca with Fish Curry

Squid Fry

We have breakfast as Default Menu.
Lunch in Banana Leaf will be provided upon prior request else it will be served on the plates. For lunch, fish will be served as one piece for a person or as one fish based on the season and demand.

Any add-on or extra food will be provided if informed for a minimum of two hours before you have your check-in in the Houseboat. Based on the nature of times and season, additional charges may apply. Children below the age of 5 years will be provided extra food with additional charges else it should be shared with parents.

We also provide a packed drinking water bottle or 20-liter water jar in the Houseboat as required.

Your cooperation will help us serve you better with the limitations

NB:  Since we have limitations in serving varieties of food, we have our chefs expert in preparing Vegetarian & Jain food Menu and the same will be made available only on when informed in advance.  Foods listed under the Pure Vegetarian menu in the houseboat will be taken into consideration only if all the travelers in the houseboat are vegetarians. When we have a mixed group of travelers then there will be changes in the displayed Vegetarian  food.

We have displayed the Food menu to help you choose the food available based on the season and to get a basic idea about the food available in our Alleppey boating package. There may be some variation/changes in the food menu based on the season.

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