6 Bedroom Houseboats

Welcome to Alleppey boating package’s  Six bedroom houseboats!!

Own a wonderful and amazing Houseboat cruise from the famous houseboat operator “Alleppey boating package”. The six-bedroom houseboat can accommodate 24 persons overnight provided with extra mattresses. Apart from the bedroom this houseboat also have dedicated space for a bathroom, living area cum dining, and a kitchen, either the upper deck or non-upper deck. You are provided with extra facilities like TV, A/C, Fan, Music System. This six-bedroom houseboat is available in Deluxe, Premium and Luxury Categories.

NB: The standard occupancy is 2 persons per room but in each of these houseboats an extra person can be accommodated per bedroom.
*Extra fees will be applied for the same.
Alleppey boating package provides different kinds of houseboats with different tariffs. So while we reply to your query we will send different rates so that you can choose the option depends upon your budget.
If You Want To OPT For 6 And More Rooms Kindly Contact US.
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