• Our houseboat has limited facilities and resources. Please do not compare with any Hotels and your Home.
  • Water tank in the Houseboat is having limited storage capacity. Please do not waste water. Please make sure water  tap is properly closed  after every use.
  • Save Energy, Save power!! Remember to switch off lights, Fans and A/C while not in use. Please inform the crew immediately if you face any problem in using electric facilities.
  • Make your environment Plastic free!! Please do not drop sanitary napkins, plastics and other things in the closet.
  • Air Condition facility would be made available in the Bedroom from 09:00 PM to 06:00 AM.
  • A/C facility can be accessed anytime in PREMIUM / LUXURY
  • The A/C in the houseboat will It will take 30 minutes to 1 hour to be in power to create a cooling atmosphere. So please co-operate and don’t expect A/C to work as in your home.
  • Only fixed menu including of Traditional Kerala cuisines will be available on the Houseboat.
  • For any extra food items other than the fixed menu, please inform in advance. Our team will try the best to make it available.
  • For our customers who are found of non-veg food, the possibility of getting any kind of meat items may not be possible once the houseboat starts. So, please inform in advance.
  • You are allowed to buy fish from the lakeside shops using direct payment method.
  • Swimming in the lakes is strictly prohibited during the houseboat cruise.
  • Gohouseboat Check time is at 11:30 AM and the Houseboat trip will start by 12:00 Noon. You have to Check out from the Gohouseboat at 09:00 AM next day for the overnight cruise. You will also be given a lunch break for about an hour time
  • The Houseboat anchoring will start by 5:30 PM for the night stay and will retain the cruise the very next morning at 08:00 AM.  During evening time and late night, we do not allow cruising.
  • Backwater is precious in Kerala and it’s our dutyto maintain the privacy of the Backwater culture. So we request all our guests to retire for the night by 10:00 PM.
  • Breakage or destruction of any property of the GoHouseboat would solely be the responsibility of the  customer and will be charged for the same
  • It’s your responsibility to take care of your belongings and baggage, so make sure you own back all your things before you leave from the Houseboat.
  • There will be a presence of flies, small insects in the Backwater as like lights in the night. It cannot be 100% eliminated.
  • You will be given limited access to TV, DVD Players, and Music System.
  • Your cooperation is important, kindly cooperate with the crew.
  • Please share you valuable suggestions to do not forget to leave your valuable comments and suggestions.
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