Details: The detail operation of our Houseboats in Alleppey.

Kindly  read and understand the fact about Houseboat operations.

The Alleppey Boating Package’s Operation

We want all our customers to have a detailed understanding of how our houseboat operates in Alleppey. Please do not expect the houseboat to have the same atmosphere like your home or like a Hotel/Resort. It is entirely different and do have some limitation for the activities you can carry out in your surroundings. You may spend in hotel/resort just for a night or for a day and you are free enough to move away or go outside to carry out your own activities.
But the environment in houseboat is entirely different, it’s not only for a stay, it also cruises for a particular time and you will remain in Houseboat for the entire day or night. You will be served with your chosen food and will be served onboard.
Again and again we want you to clearly get and image that please don’t compare it with hotel/resort.
Also , please don’t get surprised to see the cost of houseboat  as it requires day to day maintenance. This is the main reason you see the rates go high for well maintained houseboats.
When you are planning for a houseboat cruise in Kerala, then you will be displayed with more than 1000s’ of houseboats an d about 300 of houseboat service providers in Alleppey. Along with this there are lots of houseboat booking portals that makes you trip booking easier and quickest. Whichever houseboat you want to proceed with make sure, you select the best and high quality houseboat and that is what houseboat gives you. Lets’ s plan your houseboat  trip with Kerals’ best quality and affordable houseboat operator in Alleppey i.e.

The’s Rates

When you compare the houseboat rate, it varies from Operator to Operator. You can choose the houseboats that fit with your requirements but you will get the quality that goes well with your budget. If you go for a negotiation, normally what happens is; some operators will reduce the cost but parallel they with do adjustment in the houseboat you selected and the services you are looking for.
Please do always remember that, you are going for a houseboat trip in the backwater and this is one of the kind of trip where safety plays an important role.
So , please don’t fall in wrong windows.. Have a wonderful houseboat trip with the best affordable houseboat in kerala,

We don’t have the practice of showing images that does not own to us  to get the bookings. The pictures that are displayed in the internet are real picture without any additional graphic elements.  Also , the pictures are updated once in six months. So, most to the pictures you see are upto 6 months to 1 years old. It is not practically easy for us to keep the pictures updated in a frequent period of time.  Also, please not that the pictures of houseboat you see may not be the same as in real. We want our customers to know about us as they start their trip with us.

When you surf through the internet, you can see lots of negative reviews on the internet. It is all because people have different range of imagination and expectation before they check-in to their booked houseboat.  So, be aware of the limitations and kindly cooperate to become of good customer in our houseboat service journey.

Any important information to update you on the badging you see in the houseboat you get in. The badging of will not be displayed in all our houseboats as some are in the names of our partner’s or hired from others based on the booking volume upon mutual agreement and understanding. It is a well common and healthy practice in all houseboat operators, sometimes you may see our badging even if you booked the houseboat from a different company. 

NB:- There may be chances of machinery breakdown while cruising or before which is not expected in prior.  In that case, considering the safety of our customers we will change the houseboat with another of the same category. If the houseboat of the same feature is not available, then we will refund the amount difference. Also, you may experience issue with A/C  that  occurs due to the gas leakage in the compressor. In that case also, the amount difference between A/C and Non-A/C will refund.

Day Cruise Timing

alappuzha boat rates per hour

Start time: 11:00 AM
Lunch Break1 Hour (1:00 PM to 2:00 PM)
Check out: 05:00 PM
Timing for 01 Night 02 Days 
Day: 01
Start time: 12:00 Noon
Lunch Break1 Hour (1:30 PM to 2:30 PM)
Night halt time: 05:30 PM
Day: 02
8:00 AM to 09:00 Cruise
Check out: 09:00 AM
Timings for multiple Day/Nights
Day: 01
Start time: 12:00 Noon
Lunch Break1 Hour (1:30 PM to 2:30 PM)
Night halt time: 05:30 PM
Day: 02
Start time: Between 10:00 AM 
Check out: 05:00 PM (if not continuing for the 3rd day.)
Night halt time: 05:30 PM
Day: 03
Check out: 09:00 AM (if not continuing.)
Same as Day 02 (if continuing for 4th day)

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