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How covid-19 has affected the Kerala Tourism Industry?

Covid 19 pandemic is massively affecting the tourism industry of Kerala. Even the main tourist spot Kovalam beach and houseboat center in Alleppey is seen deserted in the last few days as these two were the main tourist spot for foreign tourists.

Considering the security and safety, all the tourists who are stuck in Kerala are advised not to travel anywhere and the Kerala government has taken special consideration in the health of the Tourists. They are not allowed to travel outside of the resort or the premises until and unless the environment becomes safe to travel.

Considering the depth and severeness of covid -19, all the tourist places are restricted to continue the operation and hence obeying with the government rule Alleppey boating package is not accepting any bookings until and unless there receives a notice from the Kerala government. All pre-booked cases are reverted with the same amount credited back to the concerned.

As this situation was an unexpected and unpredictable, Alleppey boating package and its whole team thanks to the Kerala government to take such a big initiative and safety upfront plans to protect the health of every person who is now staying in the land of Kerala.

Hoping this situation may come down at the earliest, we will be back with the best offers and discounts for houseboat booking. Thanking all the foreigners for understanding the situation and holding back all your holiday trips. This cooperation is helping and making the health department much easier to manage this critical situation. Also, we are requesting all the foreigners who have landed in Kerala in the last few weeks to undergo a medical check-up and make sure you are safe from covide-19.

All our lives are precious and it is everyone’s responsibility to safeguard each other.

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