A houseboat cruise is one of the favorite holidays of all time. It’s all-time a memorable moment in which you own yourself filled with the color of green and lovely nature.

Irrespective of things you are going to do, to make it happen or complete successfully great intelligent planning is required. Likewise, a houseboat vacation also requires great planning.

 The most commonly asked questions from our customers once they book for our houseboat is “what all things should I carry?” For this question, we tell “Our customer comfortability is also our responsibility”   and though we try to provide the most necessary things in the houseboat there are a few things which we request our customers by carrying before they board the trip.

We don’t restrict you from carrying anything you want, but as per the rules and regulations from the tourism board and the houseboat authorities there are few things   guest should stick to and you should clarify this with the houseboat operators you have already booked

First Aid Kit: All of our houseboats are well equipped with the necessary first aid kit. Even-though we also want our guests to carry first aid kits of their necessary items included.

 Sunscreen / Tanning Oil – We suggest waterproof sunscreen as you may need it more as your skin tone may not be habituated to Kerala climate days.

 Bath Towels – More time will be spent on the lakeshore, so it’s better you carry required bath towels·

Digital Camera/Selfy Stick – Capture your favorite moments you spent in the houseboat. Photos are proof of your memorable back days.

Favorite Spices – All our food menus use spices that fit with the taste of Kerala. We usually use Salt and pepper in our houseboat. If you have your own especially preferred spices to include in the dishes, you are free to carry that too.

Boots/ShoesFootwears – Make sure you bring your footwear as per your trips planned areas you are going to cover.

Music Player – Our houseboat provides music-player connections where you can listen to your favorite tracks!

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